There’s lots of talk in the Kuk Sool Won™ world about loyalty right now. So, as with any good discussion, let’s define terms.

Most definitions of loyalty have something to do with being faithful to someone in charge. There is some lateral sense of being loyal to a spouse, for instance, but loyalty usually goes uphill, from a lower social rank to a higher one.

So, if followers owe leaders their loyalty, what do leaders owe their subordinates?


When leaders are not honest about goals, problems, and challenges that arise for the organization, they erode the loyalty of their followers.


When leaders refuse to support and protect their followers from real danger and attack, they erode the loyalty of every other follower.


When leaders make mistakes, followers need their confession to maintain loyalty. To pretend that leaders are superhuman and incapable of making mistakes is disingenuous.

As a martial art teacher, I work hard to teach my students the best martial art I can. I work hard to make the environment a safe and comfortable one. Like a doctor, my goal is always to “do no harm.” I want my students to leave with only positive memories and thoughts about their time here.
If someone under my authority were to harm a student, I would hold that person responsible to the fullest extent of the law. I would not hold them up or protect them. I would reject that person utterly.

For me to pledge continued loyalty, I need to hear how the World Kuk Sool Association plans to address these allegations and attempt to right their wrongs.



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