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  • Loyalty


    There’s lots of talk in the Kuk Sool Won™ world about loyalty right now. So, as with any good discussion, let’s define terms. Most definitions of loyalty have something to do with being faithful to someone in charge. There is some lateral sense of being loyal to a spouse, for instance, but loyalty usually goes…

  • Dojahng Protocol and Ancient Lessons

    Dojahng Protocol and Ancient Lessons

    This article was originally published in our June 2007 newsletter.  Dojahng Protocol is confusing for many students and parents. Why? Simply put it is all foreign to them. The art we teach and all of what we do is related to Eastern philosophy. A person who has never studied these concepts will have a difficult…

  • Martial Arts and Muncie Community Schools

    Martial Arts and Muncie Community Schools

    There are no two ways about it: Muncie Community Schools are in trouble. I won’t go into my personal opinions, but the bottom line is that teachers and students are going to suffer through no fault of their own. People are trying to get to the bottom of the financial situation, and people are working…

  • R.A.C.E. – Reconciliation Achieved through Community Engagement

    I went to a meeting last week at the Innovation Connector on White River Boulevard. The group sponsoring the meeting was the East Central Indiana Social Media Group (ECISMG). The title of this month’s meeting was Befriend: Critical Dialogues in Online Spaces. It was about interacting consciously in

  • Fundamental Questions

    Fundamental Questions

    Have you ever thought about your responsibilities as a member of society? What do you owe yourself and the other people in your life? I know that some people find the idea of social responsibility irritating and even pretentious. I don’t. Maybe it’s the writer in me,

  • Reblog: Open Letter to the World

    Reblog: Open Letter to the World

    So, this week, I’m reblogging from myself. I published this a couple of weeks ago over on my writing site, I’m getting back into the writing groove now, and should be back on track with weekly blogs next week.   Dear World, How are you? Well, I hope. We haven’t spoken in a while.…

  • Reblog: Students or Members?

    Reblog: Students or Members?

    I’m sharing a little post that I wrote a few months ago. Take some time to think about your relationship with your school. Taking care of your martial art school is an essential part of training.   As I work on longer, more involved blog articles, I wanted to take a moment this weekend to…

  • It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

    I’ve heard it my whole life. My mom and dad were probably the first to say it. I remember my brother and sister and lots of other kids saying it to me when we played or worked together on projects. Probably every teacher and boss that I ever had said it to me at one…

  • Simple, But Never Easy

    Simple, But Never Easy

    I’ve been working on some very time-consuming projects lately and have ignored my blog. I have missed three posts in a row, and that’s just not acceptable. I need to continue to make time for this, as well as my other business-related writing and creative writing. And that kind of comes down to the topic of this…

  • Change the World? Change yourself.

    The desire to change the world seems to be a defining characteristic of modern martial art teachers. We aren’t in the business of “training fighters” anymore. Our business is the health and wellness of the human system. In other words, we don’t limit our concern to the health and wellness of our students, but of…