A group of young BSU students after a self-defense class with KSN Pam.

Women’s Self Defense

According to the World Health Organization, approximately one in three women and girls are subjected to sexual and/or physical violence. This is absolutely unacceptable to us at Kuk Sool Won of Muncie. We’re doing our part to raise boys who respect and value women.

However, violence is a reality for many women in the community. We provide women with tools to control their environment and teach them skills to protect themselves and their families.

KSN Pam Turner

Our Self-Defense Workshops don’t just teach the physical mechanics of self-defense. Women also learn to predict and prevent violence. You can register for our next course or request more information below.

Please register HERE for our next Women’s Self-Defense Workshop.

Otherwise, send an email to learn how you can schedule a workshop for your group.