Reblog: Students or Members?

I’m sharing a little post that I wrote a few months ago. Take some time to think about your relationship with your school. Taking care of your martial art school is an essential part of training.


As I work on longer, more involved blog articles, I wanted to take a moment this weekend to share some perspective with my students and parents. I have shared this before, but it’s important. Thanks for taking just a minute to read this post.

Your instructors here at Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie work very hard to make your classes interesting, fun, informative and challenging. We spend a lot of time working hard on our martial art so that we are in a better position to help our students on their martial art journey. We train and exercise physically, study, and seek instruction from lots of sources.

We operate as a small business and depend on regular tuition payments to keep things flowing. Just like your household expenses, lots of our expenses are automated. When expected tuition is late or withheld, it causes all sorts of problems.

Take a moment to consider whether you are merely a martial art student or the member of a martial art school? Students might be concerned with paying for a certain number of martial art classes while members are involved with the more significant issues of keeping the doors open and the lights on for another month and paying salaries and educational costs. Members want the school to succeed and do everything they can to make that happen. Without our members’ timely tuition payments, we can’t do the job that we want to do.

We are very grateful to all of our students and members, past and present, for choosing us to be their source of martial art instruction. With every student that comes through our doors, every new member, we become better instructors and better martial artists. We want to do our best for you, just as you practice hard and give us your best.





Agree? Disagree? Want more information? Let me know.

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