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Last February, after working for over a decade, I published my first novel, Flight. It’s about Olivia, a young woman who has learned to fly. She shares her story online, helping other people do the same. Eventually, she comes to the attention of the U.S. Government, is arrested, and escapes custody after finding out that powers around the world want her captured or killed. She’s on the run, trying to spread her message of hope while staying alive long enough to understand what’s happening to her.

Flight is available wherever you buy books. All the online stores have the eBook. Books-A-Million can order it for you from Ingram, and the library can get both physical copies and eBooks through their normal channels. My author’s name (for this project) is K.G. Ring.

As with most debut novels, I didn’t really write the book thinking about how to sell it. As a result, the genre is difficult to pin down. It reads like an adventure or a thriller. There are definite sci-fi aspects, but not in a laser and spaceship way. And, obviously, it has some superhero vibes as well.

I have been saying that Flight is a novel of Visionary Fiction. That genre includes some of my favorite books: The Celestine Prophecy, Illusions, The Alchemist, A Christmas Carol, etc. The problem is that the classification is relatively new, and NOBODY searches for it yet. You can read more about Visionary Fiction at The Visionary Fiction Alliance. For marketability reasons, I’m probably going to be listing it first as a sci-fi thriller.

You can check out the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I have published eBook, paperback, and large print editions, so far. I’m working on audio, but it’s expensive. The AI-generated audio will be up soon, and hopefully, a human-voiced version will be done before February of next year.

Simulated picture of the novel Flight with original cover.

If you live in Muncie and would like to purchase an autographed copy, use this link and the coupon code FreeShipping. You can pick the book up at the school whenever you like.

Regardless of where you live, if you would like to receive a discount on the eBook, follow this link and use the code WeNeedMorePractice at checkout to receive 40% off the eBook price.

Both codes are valid through the end of the month (August 2022.)





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