Women's Self-Defense Class

Women’s Self-Defense

We believe women and girls were made to be valued, not victimized, and even though we might not know you yet, we think you believe that too.  Even so, current global statistics suggest that 1 in 3 women and girls endure physical and/or sexual violence.  This cruel reality is startling and unacceptable, but until the world changes, we must take matters into our own hands.  We must refuse to accept that unwanted advances are normal male behavior or somehow our fault.  We must learn to defend ourselves. 

Bonus:  Women and girls who learn self-defense are not only equipped to protect themselves, but they also feel more confident, are better prepared for unexpected situations, and have more positive feelings about their bodies. 

Yes, please!


At our self-defense workshops, our goal is to teach three essential facets of self-defense:

  • how to prevent violence
  • how to predict violence
  • how to protect yourself in a physical situation.   

We meet these goals through a little discussion and a lot of hands-on practice.  We talk, we sweat, we get our hair messed up, and we grow stronger together.   We also give you access to additional written and video resources to support your self-defense journey.  Don’t let age, fitness level, or injuries keep you away.  Violence doesn’t make exceptions, so we teach you to work with the body that you have right now.

Our two-hour self-defense workshops are women-led and cost only $25!  JKN Katie and I have been practicing Kuk Sool Won™ for eight years, have each earned a first-degree blackbelt, and have collective personal experience with unwanted advances, assault, and stalking.  We are passionate about women growing in safety and their sense of self-worth.  Our workshops are open to the community are offered quarterly (or you can contact us to set up a private workshop for your group.)

Defend Someone You Love Today!  If you would like to give someone you love the gift of self-defense, you can reserve a spot in that person’s name here.

You are inherently valuable and worthy of respect.  We hope to see you soon!

JKN Pam and JKN Katie

Please email us HERE for more information.


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  1. Susan Avatar

    Interested in trying women’s self-defense class

    1. Ken Ring Avatar

      Thanks Susan! We’ll be in touch, soon.

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