Brother and sister begin practicing at Kuk Sool Won of Muncie.

Referral Credit

The toughest part about running a martial art school is getting new students in the door. The newspaper is all but dead; most people use ad blockers on their browsers, billboards are crazy expensive, and I refuse to advertise via text message or autodialers.

I depend on my blog and word of mouth as my main means of finding new business. With our location problems, I honestly haven’t worked very hard to generate new business in the past few years.

Now though, we are in a place where we actually have a decent (not perfect) location, with a new custom-built facility on the horizon.

As I mentioned in this month’s newsletter, I’m very grateful to the students who have stuck with the school for the past few years. We have managed to grow as martial art students even though conditions weren’t ideal.

That’s why I decided to adopt a policy of my instructor’s, and offer tuition credit for every new student that is referred by an existing student.

To qualify, new students must be paying students (I’m happy to have Scholarship Students referred, but they won’t be eligible for tuition credit.) For every month that your referral is a paying member, you will receive a credit of 10% off your tuition. If they decide to quit, I’ll let you know, and your next invoice will reflect the change.

Will there be a limit to the number of students you can refer?

No. If you refer more than ten students (a 100% discount), I’ll be happy to start paying you.

Can non-students collect a referral fee?

I don’t see why not. But, you’ll have to wait for it. Many people begin martial art training and stop after a month or two, for whatever reason. I’m not going to pay non-students for those referrals.
If you refer a student and they stay for more than six months, I’ll pay you the 10% fee every six months. If they pay $85 per month, you can make 10% of that.

Questions? Ask in the comments section, and I’ll edit the post with the answer.









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