Summer Endurance Training

Starting next week, we’re going to focus heavily on endurance training. I’ve been studying and getting into the science of it. I mentioned last month that students need to purchase some sort of wearable heart rate monitor. The only functionality that we’ll need is the ability to set alarms when your heart rate gets outside our target zone. Try to have that next week.

I bought an inexpensive one that pairs with my phone via Bluetooth. It does everything that I need and then some, and cost (if I remember correctly) less than $25. You can probably do better on Amazon or somewhere. If you have something like a Fitbit, it will probably work, but you’ll have to study and learn how to configure them.

As always, if you have any questions, you can email, text, or get with me at the school. Phone calls will likely go to voicemail and be listened to after midnight.





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