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Bulletproof Coffee – Updated

Bulletproof Coffee…have your heard of this?

I heard about it listening to The Fat Burning Man Show, a paleo podcast. He had a guest on that is into bio-hacking, or getting the most that we can from our bodies. Evidently, this guy made a bundle of cash when he was only 26 and spent a lot of that finding out how to maximize his training results. While hiking in the mountains somewhere (Andes? Himalayas?) a native served him “Yak Butter Tea”, hot tea that was blended with yak butter. It made him feel wonderful and rejuvenated him very quickly. He brought the idea home and now has “Bullet Proof Coffee” for breakfast. Here’s the guy’s website.

So, even though I only had Folgers in the house, and regular unsalted butter from the grocery instead of pastured butter made from milk drawn with love from the teats of an Amish raised cow, I decided to give this a try. As a person who drinks coffee black, without exception, I have to say that I was impressed with the flavor. Even though the butter said that it was unsalted, I did seem to taste some slight saltiness, but other than that, the flavor was smooth and didn’t feel at all heavy in my mouth like I expected.

I first had it on Tuesday with the last of the Folgers. And when I say last, I mean that it will never pass my lips again. I would


rather never drink coffee again than to drink that crap. At any rate, I had the coffee on Tuesday, and Wednesday I tried it with black tea. It was equally good.

Today I tried a new coffee from Compulsion Coffee, which is run by a very cool guy who used the kitchen at the Senior Center where the school is located to roast his coffee. I told him that I wanted something mild and organic (I didn’t tell him that I would be blending it with butter). He brought me a pound of Sumatra Fair Trade Organic coffee. I had it this morning without butter and was thoroughly impressed. It had a lingering smokiness that I really like, without being overly bitter.

One thing that I’ve found with the “bulletproof” coffee and tea is that you should probably have it by itself. The first day I had it, I also had bacon and eggs. I didn’t feel loaded down, but definitely didn’t feel light on my feet. Yesterday, with just the tea and no other breakfast, I felt really good and wasn’t hungry for lunch until late afternoon.

Tomorrow I blend the new coffee. I’ll let you know how it was in my next blog.

Never mind, I’ll just update this one.

Better coffee and better butter makes a world of difference! It is almost unbelievable.

I made six cups of coffee (actually my daughter, Kathryn, did). Six cups of water, six spoons of coffee. After that brewed, I blended it with four tablespoons (half a stick) of organic, unsalted butter.

No saltiness, no bitterness; just very creamy and warm. Much like cappuccino (the real stuff), but not quite as big a caffeine kick. I heartily recommend it!





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