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So, last week I returned to being serious about my Paleo lifestyle. I eased up over the holidays. Actually, from the end of summer on through the end of the year, I was fairly sloppy with my diet. Not eating hamburgers and swilling coke, but having pizza multiple times per week and not being too careful with lunches.

So, my main challenge right now is integrating what works for me with what works for my wife. She likes the idea of a “Cheat Day”. She can stay disciplined all week by looking forward to Sunday, when she plans a feast of cinnamon rolls for breakfast, dinner out, and maybe pizza for supper, finished off with ice cream before bed. This actually is not a bad idea and works very well for her.

What works best for me is to be disciplined all day long, and have a minor indulgence most evenings of some red wine and dark chocolate (75 – 80%). This keeps my blood sugar low, and my body in fat burning mode all week long. If I take an entire day off, I feel like my body needs several days to get back on track.

Last week I did very well. I did have one cinnamon roll on Sunday, and pizza that night. Otherwise, the entire week went according to plan.

My weigh-ins will be on Wednesdays. I’m not tying my sense of accomplishment and success to the numbers on the scale, but I do want to be physically lighter, both for martial art performance and every-day ease of movement. So, my weigh-in was 253. That’s only a few pounds up from my numbers last summer, which I was glad about.

I am armed with several new Paleo cookbooks, lots of new research, and plenty of other resources I’ll be sharing with you. Feel free to respond with questions and comments.






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