Primal Eating – Week Three Recap

Week three was an atypical week for me. It was spent travelling, staying in hotels, and in day-long workshops. My diet was not perfect, but not horrible either.

I had several deviations, some of necessity, others of weakness. I had pizza twice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Both times were after long marathon sessions on the road. I needed something relatively quick and easy to eat, and the pizza was delicious. I ate the crust without thinking.

One deviation was simply a dinner roll. I was eating a huge meal of Texas BBQ and vegetables with water to drink and succumbed to the temptation of yeasty goodness. Just once though.

I had a couple Guinness one night, and, the big no-no, a breakfast of danish from a truckstop on the road.

All told, I ate in several different restaurants and found it relatively easy to accommodate my Primal preferences. The hardest was in the Chinese restaurant. The easiest was in a steak house.

Perhaps due to the training and residual swelling of my joints (not to mention my poor sunburned face,) I had no weight loss this week. I will be interested to see how this rebounds next week though. The extra training should burn more calories and result in fat loss (one would assume).

All in all, I had loads of energy for the training last weekend. I never felt tired or “shaky” from low blood sugar. The only cravings I had were due to being in truckstops and gas stations and around the junk food that they are filled with. I need to prepare myself better for those temptations and have high quality snacks and meals ready so that resorting to those lower quality choices will have less appeal.






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