Introductory Classes

If there is one thing that my students and I all agree on, it is that we need a new location for our school. Something permanent where we can stretch out, push ourselves, enjoy ourselves, and become the best martial artists that we can be. In order to do this, we simply need more students. Lots of them.

I have decided to utilize some low spots in our schedule to offer extended trial classes to prospective students. Rather than my usual one week No Commitment Introductory Class, I am going to offer a One Month Free Trial Course. This objective of this course will be to introduce new students to the unique martial art system that is Kuk Sool Won, get them used to the way that I, and my instructors teach, and do this without interrupting my existing classes and paying students.

It has been nice to have the Senior Center to practice in. It is a much safer environment than our previous location. Still, the limitations are rather severe. Elbow room is lacking and the floor, even with our padding, is no fun to land on.

To make the most of these classes, I’m asking everyone to tell people about them. Let your friends know that if they ever were interested in trying out martial art classes, now is the time! This will be a mixed class (both children and adults), meeting on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:30 until 6:15. I plan to run this One Month Free Trial Course all the way through the summer. If we can keep it full (20 students or so) in that time, we will be in our own school in no time.

As always, email me if you have questions or suggestions. I have some business cards that you can pass out to people if you would like. Next week I will have fliers for you to post in your work, church, and schools. If you find yourself uncomfortable recommending us to your friends and family, maybe you could visit our Facebook Page and write a recommendation for us there.



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