• So…Ukraine?


    Yeah. I think it’s important. No, I’m not Ukrainian. No, I don’t know any Ukrainians. And, no, I don’t think my little contribution will change anything globally.

  • Family Martial Art

  • Past and Present

    Past and Present

    Just found this old photo from ten years ago and thought I would share it beside the one from this year.

  • A Look Back at Twelve Years

    A Look Back at Twelve Years

    Tomorrow Kuk Sool Won of Muncie will officially celebrate its twelfth anniversary! We had our first class on April first, 2005. We didn’t have any regular students yet, we hadn’t finished painting, and we didn’t have the carpet down. My little sister, Trinity was there in her new uniform, along with my kids and my…

  • 2017 WKSA Schedule

    Jan 28 Sat Midwest BB Workshop Feb 4 Sat Seminar in Clearlake, Texas Feb 18 Sat HQ Black Belt Testing (only 1st time testing and Promotion) February Seminars & Workshops in Australia & New Zealand – TBA March 3-5 (Fri – Sun) WKSA Annual CEP at HQ March 11-20 Scotland/England/European CEP and Seminars March 25…

  • CEP Musings

    CEP Musings

    I just spent a long weekend in the company of some of the best people on the planet. Here, with no particular emphasis are my thoughts on what I experienced and thought about the 2016 World Kuk Sool Association Continuing Education Program.

  • Thoughts on Martial Art Testing

    Thoughts on Martial Art Testing

    I have found through bitter experience that talking too early about Blackbelt Testing scares students away. As a new instructor, I used to think that the idea of being a Blackbelt would inspire new students to train and give them something to look forward to. Apparently, that’s not how most people’s minds work. In fact,…

  • Continuing Education Program

    First Weekend in March Regular students at the school will know that I recently returned from my annual trip to the Houston, Texas area. Every year Kuk Sa Nim (our Grandmaster) invites all the school owners in the World Kuk Sool Association™ (WKSA) to the Headquarters school for a long weekend of training. This Continuing…

  • One of many…

    One of many…

    One of the things that sets Kuk Sool and all of the WKSA schools apart from other martial arts and associations is that every school owner has an instructor to whom he or she is accountable. Ultimately, our founder is the authority. We all answer to, and have access to, him. That’s another thing that…