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  • Spray Attacks on Local Women

    Spray Attacks on Local Women

    Recently I’ve heard multiple frightening reports of women being sprayed with drug-laced mists in local department stores. Some accounts involve a single man ambushing a lone woman with a mist directly to her face/facemask, others describe two men-one smaller seemingly nice man asking for help finding the right scent cologne, deodorant, or room spray and…

  • United Outrage

    United Outrage

    I’m going to assume that you’ve seen the images and read the stories of the man dragged forcibly from the United flight in Chicago. The story has gone viral via several recordings of the incident that were widely shared on news and social media. I usually avoid watching the news. I like to feel good,…

  • Self-defense and Power

    Self-defense and Power

    We’ve been studying power and how to generate it in class for the past few weeks. A large percentage of our students right now are women, and I feel like it’s important for them to understand. I don’t want my students ever to be victims, and this subject is a vital part of that. So,…

  • I Don’t Want to Hurt People

    I Don’t Want to Hurt People

    “I Don’t Want to Hurt People” I’m hearing this expressed a lot lately by students and others. This article is an effort to clarify my views on hurting versus injuring, and how pacifism is entirely compatible with a martial art lifestyle. So, first of all, wanting not to hurt people is a good thing.

  • Change the World? Change yourself.

    The desire to change the world seems to be a defining characteristic of modern martial art teachers. We aren’t in the business of “training fighters” anymore. Our business is the health and wellness of the human system. In other words, we don’t limit our concern to the health and wellness of our students, but of…