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  • Children’s Martial Art Classes

    Children’s Martial Art Classes

    Everyone Knows… …that martial art is, at its foundation, about self-defense. That means being able to take care of yourself when the yogurt hits the fan. Is that the end of it though? Is there anything beyond that? The answer, obviously, is yes. If you already know about the benefits of martial art for children…

  • Adult Martial Art Training

    Adult Martial Art Training

    Many times over the past few years people have come to me and expressed the same misgivings about fitness and exercise. They would like to exercise, but it seems pointless to do all of that work and get nothing done but exercise. Take weightlifting. Most people work so hard to make a living that “working…

  • Free in February

    Bring your partner and train for FREE! In honor of Valentine’s Day, if you bring your partner with you, you can learn the Korean martial art of Kuk Sool Won™ for free for the rest of February with no obligation to join. If you want to continue training with your sweetheart, we’ll give you a…

  • From the Archives: Martial Art Tuition

    From the Archives: Martial Art Tuition

    I’m sharing this article because it is the way that I would like to do things. Not everything in this article is still correct, but I wish that it was. However, it is still my policy not to turn anyone away simply because they cannot afford tuition. Please see the Scholarship Program for full details.…

  • From the archives: Americanization

    Originally posted in February of 2013, this littlearticle is full of hope and pride, I think.And it only mentions politics once. Have you ever hear someone use the word “Americanized” as an insult? Maybe not directly, but in an insulting way? I have, and it’s getting harder for me to keep quiet about it when…

  • Priorities: What are you passionate about?

  • Family Martial Art

  • Scholarship Program

    Scholarship Program

  • What is Kuk Sool Won? How do you pronounce it?

  • Added Training

    Added Training

    I originally posted this last September. With the MidWest Tournament knocking at the door, and World Tournament in October, I thought it deserved a re-post. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, right? How do you get to the world championships? Same answer. Coming to class is the first, most important thing.